protective clothing

respecting safety standard norms

Worker protection and compliance with all occupational safety rules require adequate equipment based on the type of activity carried out.

The quality and type of workwear is just as important, so you need to rely on a reliable supplier who can meet the most demanding demands of professional clothing in the civil and industrial sectors.

professional clothing for every sector

Mata Abbigliamento Professionale provides work clothes and protective clothing for occupational safety and accident prevention, garments designed to comply with the HACCP self-control protocol. The company has been supplying medical practices, laboratories and construction companies for many years.

In our catalogue you can find the following:

film and television production clothing

high visibility jackets and trousers

safety shoes and footwear

fireproof gloves and clothing

cut-proof fabrics

anti-acid clothing

visors and helmets

clothing jackets and trousers

antistatic fabrics

In addition, our store has many other items to cover all industry requirements and comply with all legal regulations on work and protective clothing.

Our mission is to offer our customers the widest range of professional clothing for catering and occupational safety accessories.

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