Spa & well-being staff clothing

we look after the image of those who work in the well-being sector

The wellness sector is growing steadily: more and more men and women rely on the aesthetic care of beauty professionals, when going to hairdressing salons and beauty centres.

For this reason, in an increasingly competitive market, offering an elegant and professional image is essential. MATA Professional Clothing is able to offer comfortable stylish uniforms.

uniforms and co-ordinated clothing

For the aesthetic sector, we offer different uniform and basic clothing lines, available in all sizes and in different colours to harmonize with the environment to create a unique atmosphere:


All fabrics are functional for the needs of the sector. 100% cotton, 100% stain-resistant polyester, Mixed cotton indanthrene and stretch cotton allow everyone to find the solution to their needs. Affix your own logo on your chosen uniform for complete customization: a simple white jacket or classic Polo embellished with your studio logo can become a strong point.

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